Selective memory: Latham's Labor hypocrisy

Alternate title: Ex-ALP, now little other than a thug. Sad.

Note: This one is important; think about it!

aletheia :

21 Jun 2013 5:53:45pm
unl,4770094 "Get a briefing!"

Mark Latham approached 'superman' status - until he was elected Lab-leader and possible 'PM to be.'

Most famous line: "A conga line of suckholes!"

To which a common response was "Get a briefing!"

But Latham avoided the briefing - on good grounds (*I surmise*); namely that before a briefing is given, there comes a little address by the briefer(s) along the lines of "The story you are about to hear is true, and if you leak a single detail we'll have you killed, and your children eaten."

(This is the 'fun' bit about people keeping secrets - we (the democratically sovereign people) never get all *critical* details; secrecy is a mortal enemy of democracy.)

Recall that Latham was EGW's anointed successor.

At least three parts of the briefing are significant; a) that Aus economic policy is fixed (within boundaries), as is b) 'defence' ditto fixed, and c) the fixing is by the US and the enforcers are CIA black/psy-operators.

This totally removed Latham's raison d'etre, and his collapse began on the spot. This *theory* explains pretty-well all there is to explain - and not just about Latham.

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