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To collect *facts*, hopefully to prevent lies being posted to forums by psychopathic trolls. Some p-dates have been deliberately moved back in time, so past events may be entered on the date they occurred.

Musing: "The squeaky wheel gets the grease;" the world's biggest problems attract most attention. Starting here with the Zionist rogue-regime's improper dispossession of most of pre-UNGA181 Palestine, otherwise known as ethnic cleansing using genocidal methods = mass-murder for soil.

The US, the world's equal worst rogue-regime will also be touched upon; while they make aggressive war in the name of democracy, a risible lie, in reality they are pursuing resources for power/hegemony plus economic-rent = more mass-murder, mostly for oil.

The material 'in here' is based on the AusBC forum "unleashed," whereby there are at least 3 problems, a) the moderators often unjustifiably censor, b) comment size is limited (200 preferred, ~500 max. words), and c) the r-whingers and z-trolls appear to get favoured treatment. In a PFBC = publicly financed broadcaster, (a) and (c) are indefensible offences, against both democracy and justice.

As a non-trivial aside, let me put that, another way: Deliberately misinforming us, we the people, by an organisation paid for by our taxes, formed with the precise objective of informing a so-called 'democratic' electorate is outright treason, and should be appropriately punished. One proof that the AusBC does mislead us, we the people is their long-term treatment of Israel, a proven rogue-state (Ben-Gurion(1936-39): "We are the attackers and the Arabs ... own the land"), but not called out as such by the AusBC, so far for the term of my natural life.

Trigger event;

kenj :

03 May 2013 11:54:19am
This topic has been done to death and all the facts have been put many times. The Right wing commentators just lick their wounds, ignore the facts and then come back and post the same proven falsehoods in later comment threads.

None of resolutions 687, 660 or 1441 provided a basis for military action against Iraq.

No respect at all for this nonsense.
Me: Agreed. So we do something about it ...

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